Time to Take Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome to the Next Level with the Low Nickel Diet


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Barbara Njuguna

Nickel Allergy Coach & Nutritional Analyst

What You’ll Get During This Low Nickel Diet Nutritional Food Strategy Call

Suffering from a systemic allergy syndrome makes it hard to be on a low nickel diet when you have other dietary restrictions. With coaching you'll feel seen, heard and given practical tools customized to your unique dietary preference, medical issues, allergens and macro limitations!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

You will track your meals through out the week, fill out your nutritional preference, allergies and medical conditions. 

What Happens During the Call

We will go over your nutritional goals. The relationship with food and anything that I need to know that will affect your food. 

What Changes After the Call

You will get your allowed list. That you will help you stay on 2,000 calories and 150ug of nickel a day. Lab test recommendations and a package if you need meal plan curation to accomplish your goals.

About Barbara

Credentials: M.S. in Coaching Psychology | Nickel Nutritional Analyst

I have had the nickel allergy since I was 12, I am 29 now to put things in perspective. I was diagnosed at 19 and started the low nickel diet at 20. Last year things got complicated and I needed to be on Keto due to medical issues and started analysis macro nutrients and nickel and sent things to the lab. 

I wanted a better relationship with food and with that I need to adhere to a gluten free, diary free, Keto (20 net carbs) , Low nickel (150ug), 35 allergy food free diet. 

I made it possible for me and now I want to help you make it possible for you with nickel testing. 

Why I Recommend Having a Systemic Nickel Allergy Syndrome Coaching Call?

  • So you can eliminate decision food fatigue
  • Have a person on your side
  • Strategies better eating with nickel testing in mind

Low Nickel Diet Pricing Plan

Allowed Food List Coaching

Low Nickel Diet (150ug) Allowed Food List 

1 week

  • 30 min Coaching Session
  • Custom Low Nickel Allergy Allowed Food 
  • Macro Nutrients Analysis (Low Carb, Low Fat, Low Fiber)
  • Dietary Preference (Keto, Standard, Vegetarian, Vegan)
  • Custom Food allergens including Nickel
  • Available via Text message for a week
  • Food Tracking for a week
Nickel Tested Meal Planning Coaching

Low Nickel Diet 150ug Meal Planning

1 month

  • Allowed List plus
  • 1 (30 min Coaching Session)
  • Macro nutrient targeted analysis
  • 1 day Low Nickel Diet Meal Plan (4 meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack)
  • 1 food product to nickel test (3 week turn around)
  • Available via Text message for a month
  • Food Tracking for a month